Your Creative Sidekick

Are you a creative mastermind, but need someone to (gently) kick you in the ass, help organize your life, create an action plan, be your personal cheerleader, review your manuscript and more?

BEFORE YOU HESITATE: I’m an eccentric who will likely love what you’re trying to manifest, and will gladly help you on your journey – whether it’s for a couple of hours or a couple of years. “Creative Sidekick” is accurate: I’m slow and steady and can ask the questions needed to fill in the gaps, while you can focus on the larger picture and move forward that much faster, knowing someone has your back.


It’s not easy jumping into a creative life alone, nor is it easy building a business from scratch. I have the creative energy to pump you up, with the desire to experiment. I will hone in on things that will make you shine and help you get where you need to go.

Nothing is guaranteed in this life.

However, if you don’t at least try what your heart has been yelling at you to do, would you regret it?

Current and Previous Clients Include:

  • Fundraising Event Auctioneer

    Duties include: Creating and hosting Instagram and Facebook business page, photoshop work, writing and formatting emails and mailers, creating a detailed master list of potential clients in the non-profit sector

  • Famous Seattle Storyteller and Comedian

    Duties include: Writing copy, co-producing a show, collecting and cataloging news/event articles for website, creating an Instagram for a variety show, supporting other talents in the community, event set up and tear down, moral support (very important!)

  • Mixed Media Artist

    Duties include: Organizing and packaging up art from 40 decades worth of work, co-creating letters of interest for artist grants, researching publishing information for books, copywriting synopsis’s, an added set of eyes in putting a body of work together

  • Business Life Coach

    Duties include: reading over book manuscripts, research and collection for email lists, preparing details for workshops across the U.S.


Let us conquer this beautiful creative mountain together.

I would love to meet you and see what your needs are!

References and rates available upon request