Published Essays

Here is a collection of essays from the past couple of years:

The Joys of Being Single During the Coronavirus

(HUMOR/ADVICE) Published April 20th, 2020: Medium (Viewed 500+ times)

I Used to Welcome the Seattle Freeze, But Now I’m Trying to Melt It

(COMMUNITY/ADVICE) Published July 11th, 2018: The Evergrey (Local Seattle Online Newspaper), Trying to battle the Seattle Freeze, a community phenomenon in the Pacific Northwest.

The Upside-Down Mermaid 

(HUMOR/HORROR/FICTION) Published October 29th, 2018 in publication, The Furious Gazelle. This piece was a finalist in a Halloween contest about a beautiful and mythical creature with a not-so-beautiful secret.

Yes, I’ve been on 80 First Dates

(DATING/HUMOR) Republished September 13th, 2018: Your Tango (2 Million+ Facebook Followers, 40k Twitter followers) The trials and tribulations of going on never-ending dates.

Growing From Ghosting: 5 Things to Consider While Dealing with Silence 

(DATING/HUMOR) Published December 26th, 2017: TinyBuddha (2.6 million Facebook followers, 522k Twitter followers) Dealing with the new, painful way of rejection in the online dating world


(HUMOR) Written by Sarah Miller and Sarah Skilling. Published in Cascadia Rising Review, June of 2019. A humorous story about my brother’s dog taking an inopportune time to handle her business.

In Hamburg, People Stare at You

(TRAVEL/HUMOR) Published January 11th, 2017 in: AirlineReporter (90k Twitter followers, 11k Facebook followers) About the good, the bad and the ugly of living in Hamburg, Germany

I’m a Millennial That Moved Out, Again

(PERSONAL/HUMOR) Published Febuary 24th, 2018 in: Medium – A follow up to the original viral story. Was chosen for Medium’s voice over program read by a voice actor.

I’m a Millennial That Moved in with Her Mother

(PERSONAL/HUMOR) Published November 25th, 2017: – Went viral with 14,000+ views, and republished in (Australian website), and Futura Newsletter (Italian magazine). The story about moving back to my mother’s house for nearly a year while trying to look for work.

How to Not be Okay with Your Body at a German Spa

(TRAVEL/HUMOR) Published March 12th, 2017 in: PointsInCase (7k Twitter followers, 4k Facebook Followers) A comedic approach about my first time in a German spa

Sarah the Mild Annoyance

(HUMOR) Performed on stage via recording in late March, 2017 in: Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery (Famous monthly variety show in Seattle, Washington) A short, comedic story about what would happen if I were a ghost.

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