Barbra Streisand’s and My Greatest Fear is Public Speaking

Last night I performed in front of people for the first time in literally a decade. This may be small potatoes for some, but it’s a GROSSLY big deal to me. I have a long horrible history with public speaking, and talking about stage fright WHILE ACTUALLY public speaking was very meta. I said the word ‘vomit’ 5 times. I know I’m not a seasoned professional (one has to, you know, make eye contact for that to happen) and maybe I never will be. But the act of ripping off that band-aid really meant a lot to my personal psyche.

BONUS: The elderly crowd in the back were into it (I talked about Barbra Streisand a lot), and so was one very sensual woman with a fashionable chihuahua in the front. I call this an above-average success. My heart is filled with love.

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